How does bo2 matchmaking work

Whenever i go to search for a game in multiplayer in black ops 2 it does not find anything, it searches, tells me how many "good games" there are and then stops and says "waiting for host", then it restarts and keeps going on and on, i could sit there for hours and wouldn't find a game. I cannot join a friends session in progress either. My NAT type was on moderate, but i somehow switched it to open. I can still not find a game. It doesn't work in zombies either.

COD: Black Ops 2 latency - tips, tricks & possible fixes

Black Ops 2 technical review - Xifon

El matchmaking de Call of Duty Black Ops 2 tendr en cuenta el lag entre jugadores. Consulta todas las noticias de Call of Duty: Im from Brazil and a lot of times i just cant find matches at matchmaking, even foreign ones. Multiplayer matchmaking in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will work differently than in previous iterations of the franchise. Treyarch's David Vonderhaar confir David Vonderhaar explica el sistema de matchmaking de Black Ops 2, Todos sabemos que uno de los principales problemas del online de la saga Call of Duty. Call of Duty:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies 6 reasons why it may be the best Zombies mode yet

Hopped on my spare account this weekend i keep for my nephews while they were over. Has like a. I can literally run through the middle of a map shooting in the air and cannot die. The killcams are absolutely insane. My best strategy to not die was just hop around like a bunny everywhere.
T he annual Call of Duty has become a little like watching the funfair return to town. The same rides, the same shifty-faced men guarding the entrances, with only the peeling paint and deja vu separating one year from the next. Even in their tower of dollars, Activision can sense the ennui, and so developer Treyarch's Black Ops II is also something of a Mission Impossible — aiming to deliver meaningful innovation, to use the marketing line, within the same old structure.
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